Supervisor of Allocations and Foreign Settlement - April 1987 to October 1990
Foreign Settlement Clerk
Allocation Clerk

My venture into the investment world started long before Pru-Bache. In fact it was not even in securities but in
commodities. I was 7 and the cow was 1 ...

It all started in Ireland, where my grandparents lived on a farm and raised cattle. By Canadian standards this is
exceedingly misleading, as it was 20 cows on 70 acres. I quickly realized that if owning cows was good  for my
grandfather, then it was certainly good enough for me. With 3 piggy banks in hand, I went to my grandfather to see
whether I could get in on the action. My savings, comprised of ha'pence and shillings, was enough to land me one cow.
The exchange was made and I was in business.

The herd arrived and I wanted to meet my investment. As we trudged through the fields, they all ran away, except one,
Bully, the biggest, fattest, laziest of the lot. They say that you should not get too attached to your investments, but at
age 7, Bully and I became friends. And then, that fateful day, six months later...

  • initial investment        42 pounds        (smallest cow immediately upgraded to largest cow)
  • room and board           0                       (on the house)
  • food and shots             0                       (on the house)
  • transportation               0                       (on the house)
  • sale of investment   100 pounds
  • annualized return    276%                    (my most successful investment to date)
Many years later, when I came to the realization that physics was for physicists, I decided to return to my roots and
entered the investment industry, this times in securities. And the rest, as they say, is history!